tot oder der Annihilation 

I – the universe 

I have no strength to say more

My story-teller ego committed suicide

I lost the power of abstraction

The joy of abstraction


II – the city 

Drained by the city

Which everybody drains

This is what

We killed for

This is Berlin

All you may need

All you may hope the world

To be

Here some people

Still have fears

They told me once

About a horrifying nightmare

In which it was told a truth


III – the truth

The world my friend

Is still lying

The world my friend

Is still lying

They told me,

The world my friend,

Has a schizophrenic love

For human race

Progress is our bipolar lover

Rebellion is a Post-it on the desk

Hope is the smell of our expensive perfume


IV – the self 

I have a bunch of allies

But one enemy

Who’s cruel and fierce

Is my alter ego

Whose immortality

By a god was given

I ripped up all her limbs

I begged her so many times

To show off my despair

Sometimes I think

That she is

The reincarnation of all the heroes

Of all the rebels

Of all the greats

They all aspire

Around a rounded table

Filled with delicious meals

To make me great

But I give them no chance

I make no effort

And now they loath me

They want me to get rid of my self

They want me to fail

To make the world know

That its nullity

Made a great, fail

To explain with rude words

That nothing has the past made for us

To make us bright stars


V – my body

My body is my brain

Dead and lonely

Fucking paranoid

It hates germs the most

Germs of feelings

Which can make him immortal

But no body wants to be immortal

Bodies have perverted dreams about worms


VI – the end

Reject who you are


For once in your life

The strength of failing

Be humble

And go back to your mother nature

Get your feet dirty

Your hands frozen

And your hair as a ball of wool

A ball of hay

But then you look

at yourself in the mirror

your expensive super clean mirror

Looking at your expensive super clean face

You want the world to burn

You want your people to starve

You want the whole universe to collapse

And sole on the desert stage

You want to hear the smell of annihilation



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