Eleven Terms from a Dictionary of Psychology and a Poem 

I am referring to the work of Thakurdas H. and Thakurdas L. (1979) from which I picked the terms which I believed to be more storytelling for our fate as people. Then, I wrote a short poem with all the terms mixed up.

(go directly to the poem if you have some knowledge of psychology)

Schermata 2016-08-19 alle 16.40.27
work by Brandon Gastinell



Anankastic Personality: essential trait is rigidity, perfectionism and meticulousness

Asylum: ‘place safe from violence or pillage’; now psychiatric hospital.

Confabulation: fabrication to fill memory gaps

Conflict: conflict between the demands of reality and those of unconscious drives and feeling. This can lead to anxiety and other forms of emotional disorders, the cause is not being consciously understood by the subject.

Collective Unconscious: according to Jung, that part of the unconscious mind inherited from the experiences of the human race (syn: racial unconscious)

Idiopathic: pathological condition in which no cause can be discovered. condition with known etiology is described as symptomatic.

Repression: psychological process by which unacceptable impulses or ideas are rendered unconscious. In the individual, the repressed ideas may be translated and expressed as symptoms. In the group cultural factors play dynamic role in determining what is or is not acceptable and in moulding the nature of repression.

Persona: Jung’s personality mask or façade which is presented to the outside world (he takes the latin etymology)

Token economy system: method of controlling the behavior of a group of people in an institution, in which socialized, rational, adaptive behavior is reinforced by tokens which can be exchanged for a variety of privileges.

Trema: german slang for stage fright before the performance begins.


A Poem 

we are idiopathic

due to infobesity

we own a collective unconscious 

and this is why we are global 

we are xenophobic 

cause we are autophobic

we practice confabulation in politics

cause we have no hard disk for history 

we experience conflict

cause conflict 

comes from ignorance

and ignorance is fed by fear 

we are anankastic personalities

cause: ‘roses are red, 

violets are blue, 

there is always someone 

better than you’

we hesitate giving asylum 

cause peace is still a place 

we prefer mood over emotions

because too many pinches 

will make us fall 

we are personae

cause Pirandello was damned right 

we are Othellos in love 

cause we think

we can gain trust 

with chains 

every brick in our city 

and every brick in our soul 

is built out of repression

we def need to tear down these walls 

we fear god 

cause Nietzsche said 

god is dead

and we fear him to be a zombie

our is a token economic system

and nothing needs to be said about it

we experience trema

cause we hope 

our show still needs to begin



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