DPL: Depression Post Linkedin

Schermata 2016-07-20 alle 14.23.19

It happens, I swear, it happens to everyone.

I am again in middle school, when peers were making fun of me because I had no tits at all and I was ‘as flat as a surfboard’.  When I was going home so pissed that I was stomping my feet all around the house, scaring my cat and my mom was repeating me how one day I had to choose among all of them, how they would be queuing in front of my door, because I would be such a beautiful and smart young woman.

Now, seven years later, it is the same story, but with jobs. I am again in middle school: I’m subscribing to Linkedin and I never thought I could do such a step. Not because I have the Peter Pan syndrome or whatever. It is more the thing of being again in middle school: in hoping I’d be liked again, I’d be hired and be paid without discriminations of any type. All this, wishing with all my strength to have done something good, correct, and why-not particularly interesting.

Exactly as with lovers, you just did not want to be appreciated like: “nice ass, bobbysoxer”, rather you’d like someone loving your way of talking, of thinking, of existing! And after that: someone you, youself, love back desperately.

Isn’t the same kind of thing with a job? And how alieneting is being there, on the shelves of that huge mall that is the labor market and waiting for someone to pick you, to give you the job you love and to respect you as human.

You also want this picker to find you, you’d like to be found, max you’d hide behind the mailbox because it is so wonderfully aseptic and send some emails. Because you do not like excessive showing offs, because you can’t say that words that you saw so many times in TV shows :” I am the person your company is looking for”. That false conviction of being the best, of smashing the others with than thin doc that is the CV.

Forgive me for all these words, I am just recovering from a depression post-Linkedin.


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